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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

How have you all been spending your quarantine?  I hope you’re all staying inside & safe. My first week was full of netflix, midday naps, tik tok, and lots of snacks.  My last two weeks have still been filled with such things, but I have been a lot more productive. I wish I was the type of girl to continue my schedule by waking up at the same time and keeping life as normal as possible… but sadly that is not me.  I idolize women like that. Haha. Maybe next week. While I have not been waking up with the birds and going for afternoon runs… I have been keeping myself productive in a positive way. I started this quarantine as a lazy bum. While I still am that lazy bum, I've added some productivity to my day.  I most definitely still have been sleeping in until noon (dont judge) and watch netflix 87% of the time… but I’ve also been cleansing my mind.  

  • Journaling

  • Reading 

  • Doing homework

  • Changing my eating habits

  • Planning

  • Blogging

  • Family time

Okay this probably doesn't seem like a lot AT ALL.  But it's a start and it's certainly lightened my mood.  I’ll walk you through my new helpful habits.

Journaling - I have always loved to write and pour my feelings out onto paper.  I’ve began doing 5-10 writing prompts daily. (I’ll attach a link to the site I’ve been using).  Answering questions about yourself allows you to reflect on yourself , understand yourself better, and pave way for improvements.  You may not be a writing lover, but you don't have to be! It's actually kind of fun to answer questions about yourself. I think of it as a little questionnaire lol.  So far I’ve written down my goals in life, described myself, and reflected on what makes me happy in life. I highly recommend journaling to ANYONE. It cleanses the soul.

Reading - I am going to be honest.  I can’t even remember the last time I finished a book.  I have a bad habit of getting half way through then losing interest.  Perhaps I just haven't truly clicked with a book yet. But what I LOVE to read is poetry.  No, no, no I know what you’re thinking. No, I don't read 18th century BS on love. I read modern day reality poetry that I find extremely relatable.  My favorite poet is Rupi Kaur. I constantly find myself rereading her poems; they're extremely comforting and relatable. I am in the process of reading “The Sun and Her Flowers” (highly recommended).  It’s nice reading about everyday struggles nowadays and realizing many people have similar problems to you. It truly allows you to connect emotionally with the words. What books do you read? Any recommendations?? Please comment!  I’m always looking to try something new.

Doing Homework -  I don't actually have any “homework” at all lol.  Although many of my teachers have been reaching out with optional assignments that I have been taking advantage of.  Homework is never fun, but when you have literally nothing better to do… might as well. I also see it as a way to keep my brain moving.  I don’t want to get too off track with reality.

Changing my eating habits - I’ve always been a healthy eater (well besides my morning coffee but we won't count that).  Before this pandemic I started my day with hot tea when I woke up, apple slices for breakfast and a caesar salad for lunch/dinner.  Kind of a routine, but it kept me happy and healthy. I got very off track the first week of quarantine. I am not used to such an open schedule.  I found myself constantly snacking, and not having any proper meals. It honestly made me feel like shit. I am a strong believer that when you eat better, you feel better.  Therefore, I’ve been back on track (not as good) , but I have been making delicious meals for myself and limiting my snacking habits. Try planning your meals weekly, it certainly helps me!

Planning - I never really had time pre-quarantine to sit down and do what needs to be done.. Such as; figuring out my future and planning out my graduation party…  Well, with all this free time I figured there's never been a better time to get my shit together! I’ve been using about an hour of my day to plan things that need to be done.  It helps me feel productive.

Blogging - Well, I created my own blog!  This has always been something I’ve wanted to do… I just never made the time for it.  I figured this is the perfect time to take advantage of my open schedule and finally start one.  If you’ve ever considered blogging honestly please try it! It’s a form of journaling and honestly a great way to clear your mind.  I absolutely love it so far.

Family time - With life being so crazy it's very difficult to make the time to hangout with your family.  It sucks, but that's just reality. Conflicting schedules, and exhaustion definitely interfere.  Throughout this quarantine I’ve had many game and movie nights spent with my family. It's so nice to sit down and spend quality time with your loved ones.  Try breaking out those classic game boards from 2008 and doing a little family bonding.

  While there is still room for improvement… I am very happy with the ways I’ve improved my quarantine.  Next on the agenda; get back on the gym grind!

Link to Writing Prompts I use daily!! › blog › 30-journaling-prompts-for-self-reflection-a...

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