Coffee Orders<3

Here are my fav coffee orders ranked! Enjoy:)

 1.) Biggby: Quad super hot white lightening with extra flavor and an extra shot of espresso. 

Ranking- 10/10 SOOOO good.  If you’re a white chocolate fan you must give this a try.  Extra shot of espresso is obviously optional but it definitely gives you a huge energy boost.


  • Venti hot caramel macchiato with two pumps of white chocolate mocha sauce & two pumps of caramel syrup

  • Venti iced caramel macchiato with light iced and extra caramel

Ranking- 10/10 If you have a sweet tooth, I definitely recommend these<3

3.)Dunkin’: Large hot triple triple with extra caramel drizzle.

Ranking- 9/10 Super simple, quick and cheap.  Definitely worth the try.

4.)Tim Hortons: Large hot triple triple 

Ranking- 8/10 If you’re okay a pretty basic coffee this is for you.  It’s still delicious and super cheap.

These are just my personal favorites, but we all like our coffees differently.  Where do you get your daily dose? Any recommendations? Comment below!:)

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